Aayna Clinic is a cosmetic dermatology clinic in Delhi. It is a US FDA clinic with the latest advanced technology for cosmetic treatments. It is known for its high-quality treatments and great value for money. The clinic provides many cosmetic procedures for women and men. They offer weight management, hair clinic, anti-aging and semi permanent make up. Dawaiyatra can help you share the price of all the treatments.
Organ transplant is a procedure in which a tissue or an organ is transferred from a person to an injured person whose organ has failed to function. Organ transplant can be done for kidney, heart, liver, pancreas and intestine. Donor is the one who gives the organ and recipient is the one who receives the organ. Dawaiyatra provides the service of organ transplant in major JCI accredited Hospitals in India. It is a long process and requires proper safety and precautionary measures. We ensure that the patient is healthy before and after the treatment and give all the necessary services to the pa
Dr. K.D's eye hospital in Pathankot is on one of the premier eye hospitals in Amritsar. It has gained recognition due to world class eye care facilities and high-class service to patients. It is the best eye care network ranging from Pathankot, Himachal Pradesh, and Jammu and Kashmir
Bariatric surgery cost in India begins from Rs. 4.5 Lakhs and increment additionally relying upon the way of the operation and state of the patient. The surgery empowers the patient to decrease the admission of sustenance in this way permitting the patient to keep up the weight.

Udayan hospital has department of Neuroscience, general surgery, critical care and anesthesiology, pediatrics, ophthalmology, ent, cardiology, general medicine, and oncology. All the departments have doctors with specialization in that department. Udayan hospital promotes standardized care and support for the patient with sincerity.